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GET YOUR SPANISH VISA – Here is how! (2024 Digital Nomads edition!)


Are you thinking about traveling and working remotely? Have you ever dreamt about living and working from paradise-like destinations? Now you can do it! If you are a freelancer, a digital nomad or you have the chance to work from home, this article could help you find the lifestyle that you are looking for. Apply for the new remote working visa in Spain and live an experience that will change your life. In this article, you will find all the information you need to do it.

Find a balance between your work and your personal life (get to know the digital nomad’s lifestyle! )

Since the COVID-19 confinement, we have all reconsidered our lifestyle and the free time we have to enjoy. Personal growth and feeling comfortable with our daily routine have never been more important than now. This is why many people are considering traveling more and investing their time in having new adventures and experiences. There has been a paradigm shift and many positions are now fully remote or hybrid. These changes open up a new range of options and possibilities for workers. Now, finding the ideal balance between your work and your personal life is much simpler and easier to obtain.

Get your Spanish visa and start working remotely

The Spanish government has finally published the new Digital Nomad visa, so foreigners wishing to move and work remotely from Spain can now start their applications. A Digital Nomad visa is a residence permit that can be extended up to 5 years and that will allow non-EU citizens to live and work remotely from Spain.

Previously the only possibility was to apply for a non-lucrative visa. Now everything has changed with the remote working visa and foreigners who wish to move to Spain and keep working for a company abroad, or who have clients spread all around the globe will find a residence permit that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Why is Spain the perfect place to work remotely?

Spain is the perfect destination to work and travel for many reasons. In the first place, because of the warmth of its people and the welcoming feeling that can help us a lot when it comes to being away from home. Secondly, the weather is wonderful. Spain has many destinations where the sun and warm temperatures are guaranteed. Also, Spain has a great gastronomy that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. You will fall in love with its Mediterranean food with local ingredients and delicious flavors.

What are the Spanish Digital Nomad visa benefits?

This remote working visa in Spain has many benefits that remote workers, freelancers, or entrepreneurs may be interested in.

  • You get a 3-year residence permit
  • You are allowed to legally live and work remotely in Spain
  • You get a special tax regime that will help you save taxes

Are you thinking about what tax advantages you will get? I bet so! This system has many benefits that may interest you. 

First of all, you get to pay a flat fee of 24% on your work-related income (up to €600.000), instead of a progressive rate of up to 48%. Secondly, you may be considered a non-resident for tax purposes for 5 years and avoid paying wealth tax. Also, you will avoid the need to complete and submit the asset declaration model 720. Last but not least, you will start this tax application during the 6 months after you obtain your digital nomad visa.

How to get a Spanish visa?

How can you apply for a Digital Nomads visa? One of the great advantages of this residency is the double application option:

  • On the one hand, you can apply directly from Spain with a tourist visa, getting directly your 3-year card.
  • But, on the other hand, it is also possible to obtain a 1-year visa from your country of origin (in the Spanish consulate) so that you can enter Spain and modify later on to this card for 3 years.

What are the main requirements to get a Spanish visa?

I am sure that you are already considering the idea of ​​living and working in Spain. Of course, it’s very tempting! If you are wondering how to get a Spanish visa, here is all the information you need to be able to apply for the Spanish Digital Nomad visa:

  • Prove that of the total income, the part coming from Spain does not represent more than 20%
  • You must have a continuous employment relationship of at least three months with the company for which you are working remotely. This company must also certify that this worker is allowed to work online.
  • In addition, this company must have been operating in the market for at least 1 year.
  • You must have graduated from a prestigious university or business school, or demonstrate a previous working experience of at least 3 years.
  • You will need to hire private health insurance with full coverage.
  • You will need to demonstrate the possession of sufficient economic funds (€25,000) via salary or bank statement.

8 easy steps to get your Spanish visa

1.        Get your national visa application form. Each applicant, or his/her representative, must fill and sign a visa application form.

2.       Photography. A recent, passport-size, colour photograph, taken against a light background, facing forward, without dark or reflective glasses, or any garments concealing the oval of the face.

3.       Valid passport. Original and a photocopy of the page or pages with the biometric data. The passport must be valid for at least 1 year and must have at least two blank pages. Passports issued more than 10 years ago are not accepted. Valid residence permit in the UK for non-British nationals. 

4.       Criminal record certificate. Applicants of legal age who apply for a visa must submit the original and a copy of the criminal record certificate(s) issued by his/her country or countries of residence for the past 2 years. Additionally, the applicant will submit a responsible declaration confirming the absence of criminal records for the last five years. This certificate cannot be older than 6 months, unless the certificate itself specifies a longer validity. For UK Criminal Records submit ACRO Certificate.

5.       Proof of residence in the consular district. The applicant must provide proof of his/her legal residence in the consular district.

6.  Proof of the representative’s identity and capacity. If the visa application is submitted through a representative, a copy of the ID card or passport of the representative and a copy of the power of attorney or official document accrediting representation must be submitted. The originals must be shown at the time of the application. Foreign documents must be legalized or apostilled and, where applicable, must be submitted together with an official translation into Spanish.

7.   Payment of the visa fee. Visa fee payment is compulsory and has to be made at the same time when submitting a visa application. The fee has to be paid in local currency and it is subject to regular changes due to the currency fluctuations. Please check the list 2023 fees to get your Spanish visa. Click here to see the Consular fees.

8.      Health insurance. Original and a copy of the certificate accrediting the public or private health insurance contracted with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain. The insurance policy must cover all the risks insured by Spain’s public health system.  S1 form and proof of having registered it with the Spanish National Social Security ( is accepted as public health insurance

If you want to get more information on how to get a Spanish visa, please click here.

What is the first step you should take when moving to Spain?

Now that you know how to get a Spanish visa, the next step is to find a place to live while you come to work remotely from Spain. If you don’t know many people in Spain, we advise you to move into a Coliving. These types of accommodations are perfect for digital nomads because they allow you to have a coworking space and meet people at the same time. In addition, it is not necessary that you pay a deposit or a certain permanence, which is normally an impediment when we want to rent an apartment for a short period of time. The coliving-coworking spaces have all the services you need (including high-speed internet, which is essential! ) and you can network, connect with like-minded people and get to know the city with company.

BEST cities for digital nomads

If you are looking for a digital nomad community in Spain, we have some good recommendations for you! All destinations are very attractive and surely there is one that perfectly suits what you are looking for.

Coliving Mallorca

If you are looking for a destination with excellent weather, paradise-like beaches, nightlife, international tourism, and lots of nature… Palma de Mallorca is perfect for you. It’s a trendy destination among freelancers and digital nomads, so it will not cost you any effort to make friends. This sunny location has a lot to offer, especially regarding outdoor activities and sports. You will have more than 300 days of sunshine a year, can you believe it? 

If you are arriving any time soon to Palma de Mallorca and you are interested in getting to know other digital nomads from the community we want to encourage you to join this Facebook group. You will get tons of activities to do and get in touch with other independent travelers. Still not sure? These are the 7 reasons why Palma de Mallorca is the best destination for digital nomads.

Staying at Palma Coliving,you will meet a very strong digital nomad community. Palma coliving is TOP coliving-coworking space and has been nominated 2 years as “Best Nomad Coliving”. Palma coliving is located in son armadams palma and it has tons of 5-star reviews on Google Maps. It is extremely well located, next to Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca, and this coliving will give you that feeling of family and closeness that you are looking for! There are limited seats for your next remote working experience, so you can apply for your stay here.

Coliving Valencia

If you are more interested in living in the city, Valencia is the perfect destination for you.

It is a city with a lot of history, great tourist attractions, beaches, nightlife, art, cultural activities… it has it all. You will find remote workers from all over the world and a large digital nomad community (Is very common to meet expats living in Valencia for 2 or 3 years. They fall in love with the city, and so will you!). 

In addition, Valencia has a significantly lower cost of living than other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona. You can expect a cost of living 15-20% cheaper than Barcelona and Madrid, and 30%  cheaper than Paris. Living in Valencia will let you earn a higher profit while working remotely from Spain.

Valencia has a Mediterranean climate most of the time and enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year like in the Balearic islands, the average temperature is 20°. Outside lifestyle and a good climate get on well together, it facilitates social interactions and a happy life. Valencia is a city with a large young population, students, and young entrepreneurs. You won’t have a hard time making friends at all! If you are thinking about moving here and working remotely, here are the 5 reasons why Valencia is the new hotspot for digital nomads.

This lovely city has been in the TOP 3 “Best cities in the world to live in” for 2 years in a row!! If you are looking for a nice coliving in Valencia take a look at Villa Huerta Valencia. This 500-years-old property is a unique space with a beach vibe and very close to Valencia city center. with 1 private bedrooms and a coworking space you will get the chance to live and work in the countryside of Valencia city! Enjoy the best sunsets and nice walks on the beach after work, or take the metro and discover night life at Valencia City!

If you are coming. toValencia and you want to meet like-minded people and find digital nomad community, please check our Facebook Group for Valencia nomads and our WhatsApp chat where you will find multiiiple events and cool plans to do in the city.

Get your Digital Nomad Spanish Visa and work from Valencia – “City of lights and science”

Coliving Barcelona

Barcelona, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture, is a city that captures the hearts of millions of visitors each year. But what if you could go beyond being just a tourist and truly immerse yourself in the Barcelona experience? Coliving in Barcelona offers a unique opportunity to live, work, and connect with like-minded individuals and digital nomads, unlocking the key to making the most of your time in this captivating city. Barcelona has one of the largest digital nomad community in Spain, and it’s no wonder why. Nomad plans and meet-ups are organized every single day! Join our Barcelona nomads Facebook group and our Telegram group.

Barcelona’s coliving-coworking spaces are designed to cater to the needs of digital nomads, remote workers, and professionals seeking a flexible work-life balance. These spaces offer well-equipped work areas, high-speed internet, and comfortable living arrangements, allowing you to seamlessly transition between work and leisure. Say goodbye to the traditional office environment and embrace the freedom to work from inspiring spaces while soaking up the city’s energy.

Casa Turull” by Palma coliving is an oasis in the city, located in El Coll, an exclusive residential neighbourhood nearby Gracia, considered one of the best places to visit and live to feel the true local culture and way of life of Barcelona! This premium location gives you the opportunity to work from a chill place surrounded by nature while having all the best of Barcelona City just 10 minutes away. The house is right next to Park Güell, where you can see and enjoy one of the most beautiful Gaudí architectural works. This coliving-coworking space is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, terraces & a gigantic 2600M2 private garden with a wonderful swimming pool. We also have a vegetable garden & couple of BBQ areas to enjoy the best outdoor plans during your stay. Check out this beautiful coliving in Barcelona here.

You no longer have to feel isolated or bored working from home. The possibilities are now endless! This is your opportunity to apply for the Spanish Digital Nomad visa and start living a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

If you are thinking about living in Spain for a while, we encourage you to get to know Palma Coliving. Check out our coliving spaces in Barcelona, Valencia, and Mallorca island! A place where you will feel very comfortable in your experience as a digital nomad. There are few places available and bookings are usually made in advance.

We hope to see you soon at one of our destinations!

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