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Best Coliving Spaces in Europe (Updated 2024)


Hey there! Are you ready to embark on your next nomad experience? Plan an unforgettable journey through Europe and stay at the BEST coliving spaces in Europe. Whether you’re a digital nomad, an adventurer, or someone simply seeking a unique way to explore the continent: at Palma Coliving we have you covered! Here is our selection of the best coliving spaces that will make you feel right at home:

Best Coliving in Portugal

There is no doubt why Portugal is one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads. The weather is sunny, the cost of living is very affordable and, although their official language is Portuguese, they speak very good English and that guarantees good communication and many possibilities to establish deep connections with the locals. On top of that, you will find breathtaking beaches, landscapes, charming cities, and some of the best surf spots in the world. If you are a digital nomad, you will be shocked by how welcoming this country is towards our community! You can even get a digital nomad visa so stay there.

Gota Dagua in Lisbon, Portugal

This beautiful coliving will allow you to work and enjoy in a pleasant environment. Cool fact! Here you will work remotely while learning to surf & connecting with nature and the sun. Gota Dagua offers plenty of amenities with comfortable private and shared rooms, an office area where you can brainstorm with other digital nomads, everyday activities, dinners, and much more. The location is incredible! Just 5 minutes walking from the beach and 15 minutes driving from the beautiful city of Lisbon you will find the perfect combination between the beach vibes and the cultural vibes of one of the best cities of Europe.
What makes it unique? It’s a surf house & coworking space!! Gota Dagua is one of the favorite locations of the digital nomad community, it has over 600 5-star Google Reviews!!!

Wot Coliving in Peniche, Portugal

Wot has many different hotels and coliving in Portugal. We recommend you try Wot Coliving in Peniche.
Is located in the small town of Peniche, you can easily walk around to explore the nearby beaches and nature. You will find the most beautiful and inspiring coworking space and many common areas to meet other digital nomads. This coliving space provides everything you need, from a coworking space, high-speed internet, amenities, a kitchen, and even free bicycles! Any WOT coliving is highly recommended, but this location in particular is very well rated! Over 200 Google Reviews and a 4.4 score!

Best Coliving in Malta

If you are looking for island vibes: Malta is your place! Malta is one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads. Living in Malta as a freelancer or a nomad visa has multiple benefits. Starting from the language: English is the primary language in Malta and that means very low language barriers and clear communication with the locals. This country has very friendly citizens and the culture overall is very welcoming. Good airport communication is also important to highlight. From Malta, you can move fast and visit other European countries that are very close by, as well as North Africa or the Middle East. Internet connection is good and fast, so during your work hours, you won’t have any problem at all! But the most important thing is when it comes to enjoying your free time! Malta offers incredible paradisiacal beaches! with an excellent climate to make outdoor plans enjoy the sun and relax.

Evolve Coliving in Malta

Evolve Coliving has been building a strong and vibrant community of 25-45-year-old digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs since 2020. Is one of the most popular coliving spaces in Malta, with tons of 5-star reviews. Evolve offers a one-of-a-kind community experience where like-minded digital nomads come from around the world and form relationships that last a lifetime, do work they are proud of, and have fun in the sun, all in Evolve’s huge coliving home in San Gwann, Malta.

If you are looking to join a vibrant community Evolve Coliving will be your option number 1. There are not many other options that guarantee community building. PLUS in this beautiful house, you will get 15 private bedrooms with workspaces, an on-site coworking, a swimming pool, BBQ, gym, lounge area, double kitchen, rooftop Jacuzzi, and chill areas.

Best Coliving in Germany

Germany is a fantastic destination for digital nomads seeking a coliving experience for several compelling reasons. It has a thriving tech and startup ecosystem, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads working in tech-related fields. This country is home to numerous co-working spaces and networking events, providing ample opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. Germany, and especially Berlin, is a melting pot of cultures, offering a rich and diverse cultural experience. Whether you’re into art, music, history, or contemporary culture, Germany has something to offer everyone, fostering creativity and inspiration. This country is known for its high quality of life, it offers excellent public transportation, a rich culinary scene, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, creating an environment conducive to both work and relaxation.

COCONAT – A Workation Retreat in Bad Belzig, Germany

If you are looking for community-driven coliving, this coliving is perfect for you! COCONAT stands for community and concentrated work in nature. This is a driven company – meaning that they base their value on their positive impact rather than capital growth. They can do this through our innovative model of tourism, which combines workation, coworking, coliving, and special projects focusing on rural development. Once you step a foot into Coconat you will see how everyone appreciates the unique working atmosphere and contributes his or her talents to make this extraordinary project possible. This coliving space has a very special vibe and is located in a beautiful area of Germany. If you are looking for coliving-coworking spaces, this can be a good option for you! Many other remote workers shared their experience at Coconat, so we think you can have an incredible nomad experience there! With more than 160 Google Reviews, Coconnat has a 4.4 score which makes this coliving one of the TOP coliving spaces in Germany.

The Base Coliving in Berlin, Germany

The Base is a pioneering coliving space in Berlin and is soon opening a second location in Munich in May 2024. Two major German cities that will blow your mind! If you are looking to spend some time in a captivating city, Berlin is the perfect place for you! You have endless possibilities and a huge digital nomad community. And the perfect place to stay is definitely The Base. By creating the most unique coliving spaces, The Base offers you a place where you can live, belong, and grow. The community team and residents host different events every week for everyone to join. You have a variety of community areas to enjoy, such as a library, cinema, terrace, café and bar, living rooms, a big community kitchen, and a coworking area. Berlin offers a rich and diverse culture and by joining The Base you belong to an awesome community right from the start! On top of that, The Base Coliving is very well-rated on Google, scoring a sweet 4.3 with over 150 reviews.

Best Coliving in France

France is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. As a digital nomad, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in world-class art, architecture, history, and cuisine. Iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and historic villages provide endless opportunities for exploration and inspiration. France is a culinary paradise, known for its exquisite food and wine. From the bustling food markets of Paris to the vineyards of Bordeaux, you’ll have the chance to savor some of the world’s finest cuisine and beverages.

Chateau Coliving in Normandy, France

Located in an actual 12th-century castle in France (yes, that’s right!)Chateau Coliving is one of the most charming coliving spaces out there. So… once you live in a  castle,  what else can you ask for? Of course,  a vibrant community of people from around the world creating together a supportive, kind, and fun environment, where you can thrive by being fully yourself! The castle is located in the middle of a very large private park on a property that turns into an island in winter! With a dedicated coworking space and co-created community events, Chateau Coliving is the perfect spot for digital nomads and remote workers looking for a unique shared living experience.

Google Reviews rate: 4.8 stars!

Palma Coliving in spain, for digital nomads and remote workers

Best Coliving in Serbia

Serbia emerges as an enticing destination for those seeking a harmonious balance between work and cultural exploration. Renowned for its affordability, coliving spaces in cities like Mokrin offer a cost-effective yet high-quality lifestyle, with modern amenities and coworking facilities that rival their Western European counterparts. Beyond economic appeal, Serbia’s rich cultural tapestry beckons with a vibrant arts scene, historical landmarks, and the warm embrace of Serbian hospitality. Coliving in Serbia extends beyond mere accommodation; it’s an immersive experience where a welcoming community of like-minded individuals converges, fostering collaboration and connection in a setting that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Embark on a nomadic journey in Serbia and unlock a world where work, life, and cultural discovery converge in perfect harmony.

Mokrin House Coliving in Mokrin, Serbia

Mokrin House is a coliving-coworking space located in the north of Serbia, eastern Europe. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding. Mokrin House is a perfect place for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, who are looking to get away from the stressful routine and enjoy living and working in the countryside for 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years. We will take full care of you, providing 3 yummy, homemade, healthy meals a day, a 24/7 workspace, and an ensuite bedroom. In our free time and after work we love to drink good coffee, exchange knowledge, hold movie nights, go on bike rides, swim in our bio pool, or workout in our onsite gym.

best coliving in europe

Best Coliving in Spain

Spain offers diverse locations that cater to different tastes. From the serene beaches of Mallorca to the bustling streets of Barcelona and the lively atmosphere of Valencia, Spain provides a variety of environments to choose from. enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm, sunny summers. This climate encourages outdoor activities and a balanced work-life routine. Spain is known for its affordability compared to other Western European countries. The cost of living, including accommodation, food, and transportation, can be relatively budget-friendly, allowing you to enjoy a high quality of life without straining your finances. Spain has a thriving expat and digital nomad community. You’ll have the chance to network, attend meetups, and build connections with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Palma Coliving in Barcelona, Spain

Palma Coliving has been nominated for the second consecutive year as one of the “Best Nomad Coliving”! At Palma Coliving you will meet like-minded people, escape your routine & boost your productivity!  It is dedicated to digital nomads, remote workers, and freelancers: this community fosters environmental sustainability, personal well-being, and authentic connection. You will be surrounded by a tribe with a positive mindset with whom you will connect.

“Casa Turull” by Palma Coliving is an oasis in the city, located in El Coll, an exclusive residential neighborhood nearby Gracia, considered one of the best places to visit and live to feel the true local culture and way of life of Barcelona! This premium location gives you the opportunity to work from a chill place surrounded by nature while having all the best of Barcelona City just 10 minutes away. The house is right next to Park Güell, where you can see and enjoy one of the most beautiful Gaudí architectural works. This coliving and coworking Catalan Villa is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, terraces & a gigantic 2600M2 private garden with a wonderful swimming pool. We also have a vegetable garden & couple of BBQ areas to enjoy the best outdoor plans during your stay. Enjoy our optic fiber high-speed wifi and wind down comfortably in your bedroom or our communal lounge spaces with our hot desks & ergonomic chairs.

Palma Coliving only hosts around 10 to 15 residents per month. Each week you are invited to join an array of activities planned with the utmost love by our team and local partners. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other members of our community and escape your routine.  Activities included during your stay: community sessions, yoga or meditation sessions, networking events, tapas night, amongst others. We can also organize fitness sessions, cooking diners, volleyball, hiking, diving, city promenade…

Google Reviews rate: 5 stars!

Palma Coliving in Spain for digital nomads and remote workers

Palma Coliving in Mallorca, Spain

If you are not looking to stay in a big city, maybe a paradisical island is a better plan for you! Palma de Mallorca has a lot to offer (not only its beautiful and crystal-clear beaches).
Villa Armadans by Palma Coliving is located in “one of the best places to live in the world”, in the Balearic Islands: Palma de Mallorca! Palma coliving-coworking villa is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, private terraces & a wonderful garden with a swimming pool. Enjoy the optic fiber high-speed wifi and wind down comfortably in your bedroom or our communal lounge spaces with our hot desks & ergonomic chairs + meeting room. Palma Coliving offers private bedrooms with private or shared bathrooms. The minimum stay is for 1 month, to guarantee the best experience ever for all the guests.
The location is great! You have lots of places to eat and have a coffee around the house, the port is just a few blocks away. And if you want a little bit of nightlife, the Santa Catalina district is just 15 minutes walking from the Coliving. There you will find tons of bars to have a drink and dance!
Google Reviews rate: 4.9 stars!

Palma Coliving in spain, for digital nomads and remote workers

Palma Coliving in Valencia, Spain

Last, but not least, Palma Coliving has a new location in Valencia that offers the perfect combination of city life and beach vibes! Valencia has been voted as one of the “Best Cities in the World to Live In” for 2 years now it has been in the top 3 position! More than 10,000 expats participated in the survey which analyzed cities around the globe during pre-Covid times, and they named Valencia the best city to live in. If you are looking for a complete city with mountains and beach a few minute’s distance, a lovely historical center, lots of outdoor activities, remote-friendly coffee shops and coworking spaces, a low cost of living, 300 days of sunshine a year, warm weather, easy and smooth traffic, and a big community of digital nomads: Valencia is your place!

Villa Huerta by Palma Coliving is similar to a country house with the uniqueness of being in the urban area of Valencia. This unique 500-year-old house is located in La Huerta, a beautiful neighborhood near the beach: this premium location allows you to work from a chill place surrounded by nature while having Valencia City nearby. Valencia is considered one of the best cities in the world to live in. This coliving-coworking villa is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, terraces & a nice private garden. The house is only 8 minutes from the beach by bicycle. The best part of this coliving? The tranquility of being working surrounded by countryside, seeing the best sunset ever, hearing the birds, and having a calm life all while still being 10 minutes away by taxi from the dynamic city center of Valencia!

Best Coliving in Spain for digital nomads and remote workers- Palma Coliving

We hope you enjoyed our selection for Best Coliving in Europe and you are ready now to book your next flight and immerse into your next adventure as a digital nomad! Whether you want to live in a big city like Berlin or Barcelona, or you prefer to be in contact with nature in small cities, Europe is always a good place to go and explore!

We hope to see you soon at one of our destinations!

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15 responses to “Best Coliving Spaces in Europe (Updated 2024)”

  1. Jess

    I would love to try out coliving in Europe on 2024! I’m still deciding between Spain or France. Does anyone has good recommendations for any of those? My priority is to meet people and make friends since I’m traveling solo.

    1. Kate

      Hi Jess, I went to Palma Coliving and I had an incredible experience! The Happiness Officer in Mallorca Léa, was super fun! She used to give yoga classes that were included in the price. We all organized boat trips and hikes during the weekends… So I made lots of friends during my time there, and I continued traveling through Europe with a few of them the following months. I recommend the experience, go for it!

      1. Palma Coliving team

        Hey Kate! How are you doing? We are happy to hear you had a great time staying with us!! Léa’s yoga classes are THE BEST indeed. We hope you join us soon at one of our new destinations: Barcelona and Valencia!

    2. Palma Coliving team

      Hello Jess, how are you? Thank you for reading our article. If you are looking to meet like-minded people and make friends, we recommend you come to Palma Coliving! Did you know we have a selection process? We make sure everyone in the coliving are aligned to your same mindset: create deep and meaningful relationships and make friend! (all while still working remotely and being productive!). We hope to see you soon at one of our destinations: Mallorca, Valencia or Barcelona!

    3. Palma Coliving team

      Hello Jess, how are you doing= Thank you for reading our article. If you would like to try out coliving, Europe is the best place for it! Each country has different culture and tradition and we are sure you’ll have the best time in France or Spain. But, since we have some coliving spaces in Spain we can tell you: here you will have the time of your life! The people is welcoming, the food taste AMAZING, the weather is warm and sunny… and the community of remote workers is huge! Have you consider coming to Palma coliving in Barcelona, Valencia or Mallorca?? We hope to see you soon!

  2. Sarah

    As a digital nomad, I’ve been working remotely and traveling for the past 3 years. I’ve been in coliving spaces in Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica, México, Sri Lanka, and more… But let me tell you: Europe is where you will find the best coliving spaces (high-quality accommodations and a big community of nomads).

    1. Palma Coliving team

      Hey Sarah, how are you? Thanks for reading our article! We totally agree with you, in Europe the coliving industry is much more developed. Here yo will fin beautiful cities with super big nomad communities and high-quality and premium accommodation. Have you ever try out Palma Coliving? We hope you can join us soon in Valencia, Barcelona or Mallorca!

  3. Rose

    I’m considering trying out a coliving space in 2024, thank you for this article was very helpful!! My biggest fear is to find myself in a hostel full of young party people. I have a very demanding remote job nd I need to focus during the week. days. How can I make sure that I will meet like-minded people that have my same interests?

    1. Palma Coliving team

      Hello Rose, how are you doing? Thanks for reading our article, we hope you find it interesting! We understand your fear, and it is true that under the name “coliving” you can find many different accommodations and offers. We would recommend you focus no the ones that has a 1 month minimum stay. Usually short stays are more related to tourists and longer stays are more related to young professionals or slow travelers. We hope this can help you decide, and we hope you can join us soon at Palma coliving!

  4. Lukas

    What’s the difference between a coliving space and any other accommodation like and Airbnb or a hostel?

    1. Palma Coliving team

      Hello Lukas, how are you? There are many differences between staying at a coliving space and at a hostel /airbnb. The main difference will always be the community, at a coliving space you will meet like-minded people who shares the same interests and values. You will make friends from day one and connect with the community of digital nomads of each city and THE LOCALS. Staying at an Airbnb can isolate you and make it more difficult to connect with others.
      On the other hand, a coliving space is always design to match the expectations of remote workers. You will have a coworking space with a desk, an ergonomic chair and super fast WIFI (which is something pretty difficult to find at any hostel or airbnb).
      We believe hostels/airbnb can be a short-therm solution when it comes to finding a place to sleep or have a good shorts. A coliving space is much more than that. We like to think Palma Coliving as your home away from home.

  5. John

    I will definitely travel to Europe this summer! What’s the minimum stay at a coliving space?

    1. Palma Coliving team

      Hey John! The minimum stay at Palma coliving is 2 weeks or 1 month, depending on the city/coliving space that you choose.

  6. Sabrina

    I’ve stayed at Palma Coliving last year and I can agree that is one of the best coliving spaces in Europe! I had the best time in Mallorca, made lot’s of friends and the experience was just amazing! Also, the happiness officer Lea always organized the best weekly events and yoga classes, I enjoyed those a lot! I’m hoping to be in Europe soon to visit you again!

    1. Palma Coliving team

      Hey Sabrina, how are you? We are so happy you had such an incredible experience with us! We would be happy to host you again soon!

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