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Free Guide Mallorca - Updated 2024!


Welcome to our FREE guide for digital nomads in Mallorca! If you where considering visiting this beautiful sunny destination, you can't miss these recommendations. Mallorca is the biggest island in Spain’s Balearic Islands and is a fantastic place to visit. It’s famous for its beautiful beaches, tall mountains, and cute little towns. This island has something for everyone, making it a great spot for families, couples, and anyone who loves adventure or relaxing by the sea.

The island has a variety of landscapes. The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range that is great for hiking and offers amazing views. Cute villages like Valldemossa and Deià are nestled in these mountains. On the other hand, the eastern and southern parts of Mallorca have lovely beaches and hidden coves. Some popular beaches include Playa de Muro, which is perfect for families, and Cala Mesquida, which is quieter and surrounded by nature.

Palma de Mallorca is the island’s capital city. It’s a mix of old and new, with narrow streets, a big old cathedral, and ancient palaces. You can also find modern shops, cool bars, and delicious restaurants. The city’s harbor is full of boats, and local markets sell tasty food and handmade items.

Mallorca’s culture is rich and varied. The island has been influenced by different people over the years, including the Romans and Moors. Festivals and events are held throughout the year, such as the Carnival in February and Sant Joan in June, showing off the island’s fun and colorful traditions.

Picture overview of Palma de Mallorca

Best Time to Visit Mallorca

Mallorca is a great place to visit almost any time of the year, but the best time really depends on what you want to do and see. Each season offers its own unique charm and activities, making the island a year-round destination. From the blooming spring landscapes to the vibrant summer beaches and the peaceful winter months, there’s always something special about Mallorca no matter when you visit.

Spring (April to June)

From April to June, the weather is warm and nice, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and sightseeing. The island isn’t too crowded, so you can enjoy the beauty of Mallorca without too many people around. The flowers are blooming, and everything looks fresh and green. It's a wonderful time to explore the island's nature and enjoy outdoor adventures.

Summer (July and August)

If you love hot weather and lots of activities, July and August are the best months to visit. These are the hottest months, and the island is full of tourists. The beaches are lively, and there are many festivals and events to enjoy. However, it can be very crowded, and prices for hotels and flights can be higher. If you don’t mind the crowds, you’ll find plenty of entertainment and beautiful sunny days to enjoy the beach.

Autumn (September to October)

September to October is another great time to visit. The weather is still warm, the sea is nice for swimming, and there are fewer tourists. This is the harvest season, so you can enjoy fresh local fruits and vegetables. It’s a perfect time for those who want to enjoy the beach without the summer crowds and explore the island’s culture and history.

Winter (November to March)

Winter in Mallorca is mild, and while it’s not beach weather, it’s a great time to explore the island’s towns and mountains without the crowds. The temperatures are cooler, making it ideal for hiking and walking around the charming villages. Plus, you can experience local life more authentically, as there are fewer tourists.

How to Get Around Mallorca

Getting around Mallorca is easy with several transportation options, each offering its own advantages depending on how you prefer to travel. Whether you want to explore the island at your own pace with a car, enjoy the scenic routes on a bike, or use the efficient public transport system, Mallorca makes it simple and convenient. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best way to get around the island.

EMT bus in Palma

Mallorca by Bus

The island has a good bus network that can take you to most places. Buses are affordable and run regularly, making it a convenient way to travel. The main bus company is EMT, which operates in Palma, and TIB, which connects the rest of the island. Buses are a great option if you want to save money and enjoy a relaxed journey while looking at the scenery.

Rent a Car in Mallorca

If you want more freedom, renting a car is the best option. This allows you to explore at your own pace and visit more remote areas that buses might not reach. There are many car rental services at the airport and in major towns. Driving in Mallorca is easy, and the roads are well-maintained. Having a car is perfect for those who want to discover hidden beaches, mountain villages, and scenic routes.

Move by Bike

For those who enjoy cycling, Mallorca is very bike-friendly. There are many cycling paths, especially in Palma and along the coast. You can rent bikes in Palma or other big towns. It’s a great way to see the sights while getting some exercise. Many places also offer e-bikes if you prefer an easier ride. Cycling is ideal for exploring the city and beautiful coastal paths at a leisurely pace.

What About Taxi in Mallorca?

Taxis are available but can be expensive, so it’s best for short trips or when you’re in a hurry. You can find taxis at taxi stands, or you can call for one. It’s a convenient option if you need to get somewhere quickly, especially if you’re carrying luggage or shopping bags. The best way to reach a local controlled taxi is by radio taxi Palma.

Walking in Mallorca

Walking is another excellent option, especially in cities like Palma, where many attractions are close to each other. It's a great way to explore the city, discover hidden gems, and enjoy the local atmosphere. Many towns and villages have pedestrian-friendly areas perfect for a stroll. Depending on the time of the year and the temperature, we would recommend you keep hydrated during the summer season.

Top Things to Do in Mallorca

Mallorca is packed with activities and sights that cater to every type of traveler. Whether you love nature, history, or simply relaxing by the beach, Mallorca has it all. From exploring ancient caves to hiking in the mountains or visiting charming villages, the island offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. Here’s a closer look at some of the best things to do in Mallorca.

Visit Palma de Mallorca City - The Capital of the Island

Palma de Mallorca, the island’s capital, is a vibrant city that combines historical charm with modern attractions. Start your visit with the stunning Palma Cathedral, also known as La Seu. This impressive Gothic cathedral overlooks the sea and is a must-see for its beautiful architecture and intricate interior. Nearby, you can explore the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, a historic palace that offers a glimpse into the island's past.

Walk around the old town's narrow streets filled with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. Don't miss the unique Mercat de l’Olivar, where you can sample fresh local produce and traditional foods. Palma also has an amazing harbor, perfect for a relaxing stroll or enjoying a meal with a view of the boats. With its mix of cultural sites, shopping, and dining, Palma de Mallorca offers something for everyone.

Best Time to Visit Palma de Mallorca: Early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat and crowds.

How to Get There From the Airport: Take bus line 1 from the airport to the city center. For local bus routes, check EMT Palma’s website here.

Visit the Mallorca Cathedral

La Seu is one of the island’s most iconic landmarks. This amazing Gothic cathedral, located in Palma, was built on the site of a former mosque and took nearly 400 years to complete. Its impressive exteriors and beautiful interior make it a must-visit for anyone interested in history and architecture.

Inside, you can admire the intricate stained glass windows, including the famous rose window, which is one of the largest in the world. The cathedral also features works by famous artists, such as the modernist canopy by Antoni Gaudí and the contemporary mural by Miquel Barceló. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb to the rooftop terrace for panoramic views of Palma and the sea.

Best Time to Visit the Cathedral: The best time to visit the cathedral is early morning or late afternoon to avoid the busiest hours.

How to Get There: Take bus line 15 from Palma’s city center, check the maps here. Check EMT Palma’s website here for local bus routes.

Tickets to enter the Cathedral: Is recommended to purchase the tickets online to avoid long lines and waiting, the ticket price has a variation depending on the access you would like:

Cathedral + Rooftop: 25€ | Cathedral + MASM : 10€ | Arte Sacro Museum: 5€

Palma’s Cathedral in Mallorca

Relax on the Beaches in Mallorca Island

Mallorca is famous for its stunning beaches, each offering something unique. Here are a few you shouldn’t miss:

Playa de Muro: Located on the northeastern coast, Playa de Muro is perfect for families. Its shallow, clear waters are ideal for swimming, and the soft, golden sand is great for building sandcastles. There are plenty of facilities, including restaurants, sunbeds, and water sports equipment for rent. For Playa de Muro, take bus line 351 from Palma, check the maps here.

Playa Muro in Mallorca

Cala Millor: On the eastern coast, Cala Millor is known for its lively atmosphere and long stretch of sandy beach. It’s a fantastic spot for water sports like jet skiing and paddleboarding. The promenade is lined with shops, cafes, and bars, making it a fun place to spend the day. For Cala Millor, take bus line 412 from Manacor, check the maps here.

Cala Mesquida: For a more peaceful beach experience, head to Cala Mesquida. This beautiful beach is surrounded by dunes and pine trees, offering a natural and serene setting. It’s perfect for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the unique scenery. For Cala Mesquida, take bus line 411 from Artà, check the maps here.

Cala Mesquida in Mallorca

Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon to enjoy a quieter beach experience. Be sure to also check TIB’s website here for schedules and routes.

Explore Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain range on the northwestern coast of Mallorca and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering breathtaking views, challenging hiking trails, and charming villages. One of the most popular towns in this region is Valldemossa, known for its beautiful stone houses and the historic Royal Charterhouse, where composer Frederic Chopin once stayed.

Deià, another picturesque village, is a favorite among artists and writers for its inspiring scenery. The village's streets and traditional Mallorcan architecture create a unique visit. Hiking trails like the GR221, also known as the Dry Stone Route, provide amazing views of the coastline and the opportunity to explore remote areas of the mountains.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is during Spring and autumn for cooler weather and beautiful landscapes. If you decide to explore them during summer, we recommend arriving early, as these locations are very recurrent tourist attractions.

How to Get There: For Valldemossa, take bus line 203 from Palma, check the maps here. For Deià, take bus line 210 from Palma, check the maps here. Check TIB’s website here for schedules and routes.

Discover Cuevas del Drach

The Cuevas del Drach, or Dragon Caves, are one of Mallorca’s most spectacular natural attractions. Located in Porto Cristo on the eastern coast, these caves have impressive stalactites and stalagmites, as well as one of the largest underground lakes in the world. Visitors can take guided tours that include a boat ride on the lake and a classical music concert inside the cave, creating a magical experience.

The caves are well-lit and safe to explore, making them suitable for visitors of all ages. The tour lasts about an hour and includes a walk through the caves, a boat ride on Lake Martel, and a short concert with musicians performing on a floating stage.

Best Time to Visit: The best times to visit are either in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the busiest times. Additionally, the opening times variate depending on the time of the year, please check their website for updates here before planning your trip.

How to Get There: Take bus line 412 from Manacor or bus line 416 from Palma, check the maps here. Check TIB’s website here for schedules and routes.

Tickets: Is recommended to purchase the tickets online to avoid long lines, the ticket price increases by 1€ if you decide to pay on-site:

Adults: Online 17€ - On-Site 18€

Kids (3 - 12 years old): Online 10€ - On-Site 11€

Drach Coves in Mallorca

Enjoy Local Food in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca’s food is a delicious mix of traditional Mediterranean flavors. One must-try dish is sobrasada, a soft, spreadable sausage made from pork and paprika. It’s typically eaten on bread and is a local favorite. Another popular treat is ensaimada, a sweet, spiral pastry dusted with powdered sugar. You can find these tasty pastries in bakeries all over the island.

Seafood is also a big part of Mallorcan cuisine. Fresh fish, squid, and prawns are often served grilled or in hearty stews. Visit local markets like Mercat de l’Olivar in Palma to sample a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and traditional foods. Many markets also have small eateries where you can enjoy a quick bite of local specialties.

Best Time to Visit: The best times to visit is actually anytime, but mornings are great for visiting markets

How to Get There: For Mercat de l’Olivar in Palma, take bus line 7, check the maps here. For other local markets and restaurants, buses and walking are convenient options. Check EMT Palma’s website here for local bus routes.

Visit the Historic Town of Alcúdia

Alcúdia is a unique town on the northern coast of Mallorca, known for its well-preserved medieval walls and ancient ruins. The town’s old quarter is a labyrinth of narrow streets, filled with shops, cafes, and historic buildings. A visit to Alcúdia is like stepping back in time.

The town’s main attraction is the Roman city of Pollentia, which dates back to 123 BC. Here, you can explore the ruins of an ancient Roman theater, forum, and residential area. Alcúdia also boasts a beautiful 14th-century church, the Church of St. Jaume, and the impressive city walls, which you can walk along for great views of the town and surrounding countryside.

Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat and crowds.

How to Get There: Take bus line 351 from Palma to Alcúdia, check the maps here. Check TIB’s website here for schedules and routes.

Nightlife in Mallorca

Mallorca is not only known for its blue beaches and historic sites but also for its vibrant and varied nightlife. The island offers a wide range of evening entertainment options, from lively nightclubs and beach bars to local taverns and cultural performances. Whether you want to dance the night away, enjoy a quiet drink by the sea, or experience traditional Mallorcan music, there’s something for everyone.

Clubs and Bars

Mallorca boasts an impressive variety of clubs and bars that cover different tastes and preferences. The island’s capital, Palma, is the epicenter of nightlife, offering everything from sophisticated cocktail bars to unique nightclubs. Popular spots include Bar Sabotage, renowned for its DJs and presence of locals, and Social Club House, which offers a chic atmosphere and fantastic music.

Social Club House Mallorca

For those looking for a more relaxed setting, many bars offer a cozy environment where you can enjoy a drink and some tapas. La Rosa Vermuteria is a trendy spot combining great music with a laid-back atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a day of exploring.

Beach Bars and Sunset Spots

Mallorca’s coastline is filled with beach bars (AKA: "chiringuitos") and sunset spots that offer stunning views and a relaxed vibe. These beach bars are perfect for enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea. Many of them also feature live music and DJ sets, creating a lively yet laid-back atmosphere.

Nikki Beach is one of the most famous beach clubs on the island, known for its glamorous setting, excellent food, and fantastic music. Another popular choice is Ponderosa Beach, which offers a more relaxed, bohemian vibe with great food and drinks right on the sand.

Nikki Beach Mallorca

Best Rooftops in Mallorca

Mallorca isn’t just beautiful on the ground – it’s also amazing from above! There are many great rooftop spots where you can enjoy fantastic views, delicious food, and cool drinks. Whether you want to see the city lights, the sea, or the mountains, these rooftops have it all. Here are some of the best rooftops in Mallorca that you should check out.

Sky Bar at Hotel Cuba

The Sky Bar at Hotel Cuba  is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view. It’s right by the Santa Catalina Neighbor, so you can see the Palma Cathedral and the Sea from above. The Sky Bar has comfy chairs, tasty snacks, and refreshing drinks. It’s perfect for watching the sunset or just chilling out with friends and family.

Best Time to Visit: Late afternoon to evening, to catch the beautiful sunset (check our the time depending on the time of the year. In winter the sunset could be at 5:30pm or 6:00pm, but during summer the sunset will be arroun 9:30pm or even 10:00pm!).

Skybar at Hotel Cuba in Palma de Mallorca

Nakar Hotel Rooftop

The Nakar Hotel Rooftop in Palma offers a stunning view of the city and the sea. This rooftop has a cool pool, cozy seating, and delicious food and drinks. You can swim, relax, and enjoy the amazing scenery all at once. The atmosphere is stylish yet comfortable, making it a great spot for both daytime lounging and evening fun.

Best Time to Visit: Any time, but the evening is great for city lights and a relaxed vibe.

The Roof at Hotel Sant Francesc

The Roof at Hotel Sant Francesc is another fantastic spot in Palma. This rooftop offers a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere with incredible views of the city’s old town. The terrace is beautifully designed, with comfy lounge chairs and a lovely pool. You can enjoy tasty tapas, refreshing drinks, and even a dip in the pool while soaking in the views.

Best Time to Visit: Late afternoon to evening, to enjoy both the daylight and the city lights.

Hotel Astoria Playa Rooftop

Hotel Astoria Playa in Alcúdia has a stunning rooftop that offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. The rooftop is equipped with a stylish bar, comfortable seating, and a pool. It’s a great place to unwind, sip on a cocktail, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The rooftop bar serves delicious snacks and drinks, making it perfect for an evening out.

Best Time to Visit: Evening, to enjoy the beautiful sunset and cool evening breeze.

Boutique Hotel Can Alomar Rooftop

The Boutique Hotel Can Alomar in Palma has a lovely rooftop terrace that offers a unique view of the famous Paseo del Borne. This rooftop is perfect for those who enjoy a more sophisticated atmosphere. The terrace serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine and refreshing drinks. It’s a wonderful spot for a romantic dinner or a relaxing evening with friends.

Best Time to Visit: Evening, to enjoy a delightful dinner and the night view of Palma.

Es Princep Hotel Rooftop

Es Princep Hotel in Palma offers a stunning rooftop experience with amazing views of the sea and the city. The rooftop terrace features a stylish bar, comfortable seating, and a lovely pool. You can enjoy delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a dip in the pool while taking in the panoramic views. The relaxed and chic atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for both daytime relaxation and evening fun.

Best Time to Visit: Late afternoon to evening, to enjoy the sunset and city lights.

Es Princep Hotel Rooftop in Mallorca 

Best Sunset Spots in Mallorca

The island of mallorca is popularly known for its beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unique sunsets. Watching the sunset is a magical experience, and there are many great places on the island to see it. Here are some of the best spots to enjoy a sunset in Mallorca.

Mirador D'es Colomer

Mirador D’es Colomer is a famous viewpoint located on the Formentor Peninsula. It's a popular spot because you can see far out over the sea and the cliffs, making it a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Mirador D’es Coloner sunset

How to Get There: You can drive there or take a bus to the Formentor area. The viewpoint is a short walk from the parking area, check the best route here.

What to Expect: The views are amazing, and you can see the sun setting over the sea and the rugged cliffs. It’s a great place for taking photos and spending romantic dates with views of the sunset over the sea.

Sa Foradada Viewpoint

Sa Foradada is another fantastic spot for sunset lovers. This natural rock formation has a big hole in it, and the sun sets right through it, creating a beautiful sight to enjoy with your loved ones.

How to Get There: Sa Foradada is near the town of Deià. You can drive there and park, then walk to the viewpoint, check the map for better directions here.

What to Expect: You can enjoy the sunset from a restaurant nearby or bring a picnic. The view of the sun setting through the rock hole is truly unique.

Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor is the northernmost point of Mallorca. The lighthouse located at the top of the mountain is a great place to watch the sunset. Prepare to enjoy one of the most magical spots to watch the sunset in Mallorca.

Cap de formentor amazing sunset views in Mallorca

How to Get There: You can drive to the lighthouse, but the road is winding and narrow. Be careful and drive slowly, check the map here for better directions.

What to Expect: The sunset view here is spectacular, with the sea stretching out in front of you. It’s a peaceful and quiet place to watch the day end.

Playa de Muro Views

Playa de Muro is one of the most beautiful beaches on the northeast coast of Mallorca. Prepare your bags to take a trip to Port de Alcudia, where this beach is located. Watching the sunset from the beach is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Clear beach and restaurants in Playa de Muro in Mallorca

How to Get There: You can take a bus or drive to the beach. It’s easy to find and has parking nearby, check the directions here.

What to Expect: The beach is long and sandy, perfect for sitting down and watching the sun go down. The colors of the sky reflecting on the water are beautiful.

Sant Elm - One of the Best Sunset Spots in Mallorca

Sant Elm is a small unique village on the west coast of Mallorca. With its amazing spots along the beach, this village becomes a great place to watch the sunset. From this city you can also enjoy a lovely view of the sea and nearby Dragonera Island.

How to Get There: You can drive to Sant Elm or take a bus from Palma, check more detailed directions here.

What to Expect: The village has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Watching the sunset over the island and the sea is a wonderful experience.

Tips for Watching Sunsets in Mallorca

  • Arrive Early: Get to your chosen spot early to find a good place to sit and enjoy the view.
  • Bring Snacks: Pack some snacks or a picnic to enjoy while you watch the sunset.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable clothes and bring a jacket, as it can get cooler when the sun goes down.
  • Take Photos: Don’t forget your camera or phone to capture the beautiful colors of the sunset.

Watching the sunset in Mallorca is a magical experience that you will remember forever. Whether you are at the beach, a viewpoint, or a village, the views are always amazing. Enjoy the beauty of Mallorca as the day turns into night!

We hope you enjoyed our FREE guide for travelers in Mallorca! This island is the perfect destination for digital nomads, offering a mix of stunning landscapes, rich cultural experiences, and modern conveniences. No matter the time of year, there's always something to do, from hiking in spring and autumn to enjoying beach days in summer and exploring charming villages in winter. The island's vibrant festivals and events add to its appeal, ensuring a dynamic and engaging stay.

Mallorca's capital, Palma de Mallorca, serves as a vibrant hub with reliable internet, co-working spaces, and a dynamic atmosphere that fosters creativity and productivity. The city's charming streets, bustling markets, and exquisite dining options provide endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine.

For a seamless experience, check out our Palma Coliving accommodation options in Mallorca. Whether you seek productivity or relaxation, Mallorca provides the ideal environment for digital nomads.

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