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Mallorca is THE BEST Destination for Digital Nomads -7 Reasons Why You Should Go Soon!


If you’re a digital nomad and you are wondering about your next remote experience in Spain, we are confident that you’ll find almost all you need in Mallorca!! Mallorca is the best destinations for digital nomads and there are many reasons why this island is so atractive! With a rugged coastline, sandy beaches, clear sapphire waters like in the Maldives, sunny days all the year… Mallorca is a real corner of paradise, a destination you can’t miss!! This dreamy island is a TOP destinations for remote workers, not only for its incredible beaches, but also because of the community and the culture. Mallorca is very well prepared for digital nomads, with multiple coliving-coworking spaces, a big airport with good communication with the best cities in Europe, a surprisingly big digital nomad community, tons of events, and much more!

Here are the top 7 reasons why Mallorca is the best destination for digital nomads:

      • 1- More than 300 days of sunshine a year.

    One of the reasons why Mallorca is the perfect destination for digital nomads is the weather. From March to October, temperatures are between 25 and 35 degrees. Living in palma de Mallorca can be so fun! So, get ready to be outside and live your best life. Mallorca is ideal for relaxing beach naptimes, outdoor sports, and hiking.

    The perfect day would be enjoying the mountains and the sea in the same 24 hours with an aperitive in the old town with the digital nomad community. Guess what? It’s doable..

    With all of Mallorca’s beaches (around 350 beaches), there are plenty of opportunities to experience a huge variety of sailing, snorkelling and diving expeditions.

    Cala Formentor in the north of the island

    Es Trenc beach between pine trees and exotism

        • 2- A paradise for nature lovers.

      Even if you love walking into the city and you’re a nightlife addict, it might not be long before you’re going for some adventure on the island.

      For nature and hiking lovers, the most iconic hiking route in Mallorca, the ‘Ruta de Pedra en Sec’ or GR221 follows 168.4km of signposted trails through dry stonework terraces. Amazing decor in the middle of nature between olive trees, pine, and forests.

      I would also recommend visiting Serra de Tramuntana above all for his cultural landscape and his snow during the winter.

      From North to South, Mallorca is simply a paradise for walkers, beginners, or confirmed. Also, the island is known as the perfect playground for cyclists for a long time.

      Serra Tramuntana

          • 3- Palma is full of life and nightlife

        Palma De Mallorca, situated on the south coast of the island, is known for its side stylish, sophisticated and intimate.

        It is often compared to Barcelona for its architecture and atmosphere, with restaurants and nightlife.

        There’s an eclectic mix of lovely cocktail bars and clubs to be found around Palma to accommodate diverse people. You have a few options: a party on the beach, on a boat or in the city. Mallorca has nothing to envy to Ibiza and the season is especially festive.

        In the same vein, Palma has district areas renowned for its nightlife. Restaurants, bars and enjoying live music are all part of the city’s vibrant social scene. La Lonja is a popular area to go out.

        Social club rooftop

            • 4- A cultural and artistic vibe

          Although Palma has made its reputation as a tourist destination, it is nevertheless a cultural, architectural and gastronomic destination known in all the world.

          For many, Mallorca is considered to have a bohemian vibe such as Ibiza, attracting artists from all over the world. Moreover, the island has a distinct Catalan culture, which adds even more charm.

          For the record, Chopin and Georges Sand used to live in Valdemossa during the winter of 1838. A little tip: walk around this wonderful village at the end of the day in order to avoid massive tourism.


              • 5- Take a breath and live slow

            While today’s world is increasing “fast,” slow tourism is a reminder of how nice it is to take your time. The other side of Mallorca is more relax and quiet: this is one of these destinations where time stops. Go off to explore the creeks, the monasteries lost in the mountains.

            In short, there are wonderful seaside and mountain landscapes, an untouched natural environment where you can relax and enjoy the present moment. Also, some wellness retreats will be organized from September in one of Lucky Paradise’s Mallorcan houses. Stay tuned

            6- The gastronomic tour of Mallorca

                • You’ll fall in love of mallorca’s food

              Mallorca is full of culinary specialties, present only in the Balearic Islands. Everyone should taste it at least once in their life.

              You could find for example in your breakfast some Ensaimadas, a brioche pastry sprinkled with icing sugar and often stuffed with dried fruit or custard.

              Mallorca’s cuisine is a Spanish-style cuisine, the fruit of a long history that combines Latin and African influences. Of course, you still have the choice to eat the best tapas made by Mallorca, essential to integrate yourself into the Spanish food culture.

              Not so far from Palma, Mhares club is deeply recommended to enjoy your diner with an exceptional view:


                  • 7- A very good digital nomad ecosystem

                Last, but not least, the digital nomad community to guarantee the best nomad experience possible.

                Digital nomads are always looking for the best destinations across the world. Spain is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to the digital nomadic lifestyle. Balearic islands seem to be on a roll, especially Mallorca.

                Mallorca island has an incredible huge expats community, is a very international city, there are no language barriers and the city is super prepare to welcome remote workers. You just need to google coworking space mallorca” to see the great amount of possibilities you have to pick from when looking for a working space in the island.

                But coworking spaces in mallorca is not your only option. As part of the community, we alway recommend travelers to search for a coliving-coworking space. A coliving space will give you every thing you need in one and for less money: a coworking space, a place to live and a community of digital nomads.

                In conclusion, Mallorca is an excellent destination for those digital nomads who want to enjoy the sun and spend maximum time living on the island. Conditions are ideal for them, there is a vibrant café-culture and environment.

                If you are coming to the island you should check Palma Coliving property, you will meet a strong digital nomad community.
                Palma coliving is a TOP coliving-coworking space and has been nominated 2 years as “Best Nomad Coliving”. Palma coliving is located in Son Armadams palma and it has tons of 5-star reviews on Google Maps. It is extremely well located, next to Santa Catalina in Palma de Mallorca, and this coliving will give you that feeling of family and closeness that you are looking for! There are limited seats for your next remote working experience, so you can apply for your stay here. Of course, different offers are proposed to answer digital nomads’ needs. All is included in the price with services and amenities except digital nomad retreats which is a new service I will describe in another article. The only thing you have to do is to jump in the plane to join us.

                A digital nomad community in Mallorca

                I hope you enjoyed reading our article: Mallorca is THE BEST destination for digital nomads – 7 reasons why you should go soon!. We hope you find all the information useful but, if you have any questions about the island, it would be a pleasure to get back to you. For any tips or recommendations, feel free to contact us here!

                We hope to see you soon at one of our destinations!

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