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Ready to join the Palma family? We offer a new booking experience if you already know your dream location: you can pre-book instantly your stay. If you're still hesitating, just chat with us first 🙂

*Select your location below then pick your dates + type of room and book now! As the selection process is what makes us unique, you will receive after your booking an application form.
Palma Coliving
Palma Coliving

Any issues or no availabilities? Please contact us!

Nominated BEST Nomad Coliving 2022+2023


How can I book my stay at Palma coliving?

1/ Select your dream location, pick your dates + type of room according to your budget.

2/ Proceed to the payment with our secured link to book your stay.

3/ You receive instantly an application form to complete so that we can get to know one another a bit more, and confirm your stay.

Please kindly note we are not including our 150€ damages & repairs deposit, it will be paid upon arrival and will be fully refunded if nothing wrong once you checkout.

What happens if there are no more availabilities or if I want a longer stay?

If there are no more availabilities for your dates or no more room that fits your budget, we suggest you contact us so that we can find a backup option for you!

If you are looking to stay for more than 45 days, our new booking engine will show you automatically the monthly price and allow you to "request for a stay". Once you make it, we will contact you shortly with our special offer for long stay!

What about the cancelation policy?

You must confirm a full payment in advance to block your room due to our limited seats and high number of requests. For any cancellation: 50% refund up to 14 days before check-in. In the unlikely event that you must cancel with less than 14 days notice, please understand that we must ask you to take responsibility for your entire reservation.

What is the minimum stay?

The minimum stay is usually 1 month to have the best Palma coliving experience and create meaningful connections with our community 🙂

To offer more flexibility, we currently offer a 2-week minimum stay at our coliving Villa Armadans Mallorca.

What are the prices and what’s included?

What do we include in the price?

Staying with us guarantees that you can fully enjoy your experience living abroad. Palma Coliving offers hand-picked villa-style properties near the sea, a great community with events, a private room with a desk, a comfortable coworking space with great wifi, and… much more!

✅ A private bedroom with a shared or private bathroom (you choose!)

✅ Coworking space with hot desks and great WIFI, ergonomic chairs, extra screens and more! Including unlimited coffee, tea, filtered water, and a couple of fresh seasonal fruits!

✅ Access all our facilities: fully equipped kitchen & laundry, chills & relaxation areas, external terraces or garden, etc.

✅ Weekly events such as our community session, networking event, lunch & cooking dinners, fitness sessions/yoga classes etc. Twice a month: tapas night & mastermind on-demand.

✅ All-inclusive billing per month with utilities & amenities included: towels, bed linen, dish soap, detergent, dishwasher liquid, hand soap, hand sanitiser, toilet paper, shower gel, pepper, salt, olive oil

✅ Weekly cleaning in your room + commons areas

✅ Our amazing Happiness Officer is on-site to facilitate your stay, help you to integrate better, host events, and more, to create your best experience at Palma!

✅ Last but not least: A GREAT COMMUNITY of like-minded people so you can make friends from day one!

We have different prices and room options according to your budget. Prices vary by length of stay and by occupation of 1 or 2 guests.

As we create monthly stays to foster meaningful connections, here is the overview of our monthly prices per person during the Summer season. *NEW* In case you're interested in a shorter stay, we now offer a 2-week minimum stay in our Villa Armadans Mallorca. 

Private single bedroom with shared bathroom:

  • Villa Huerta Valencia: from 1050€/month.
  • Casa Turull Barcelona: we don't offer single bedrooms at the moment.
  • Town House Gomila Mallorca: we only offer single bedrooms with private bathrooms which are at 1500€/month.
  • Villa Armadans Mallorca: from 1650€/month.

Private double bedroom with shared bathroom

  • Villa Huerta Valencia: from 1350€/month
  • Casa Turull Barcelona: from 1800€/month
  • Town House Gomila Mallorca: from 1650€/month.
  • Villa Armadans Mallorca: from 1795€/month.

Private Ensuite (larger private room + private bathroom):

  • Villa Huerta Valencia: from 1650€/month
  • Casa Turull Barcelona: from 2250€/month
  • Town House Gomila Mallorca: from 1950€/month.
  • Villa Armadans Mallorca: from 2400€/month.

Winter season between 1st November and 1st March: up to 20% discount on all prices!

NB: Most of our shared bathrooms are shared with up to 3 guests max. In case you want to invite an extra guest during your full stay in your bedroom we apply 30% on top of the price. In case of a short stay, it will be 50% on top of the daily price.

How much do I need to pay for an extra person?

  • In case you want to invite an extra guest during your full stay we apply 30% on top of the price per person.

Your room is at 1500€/month for 1 person. If you are 2 people for the full stay you will pay 1950€ in total.

  • In case of a short stay, it will be 50% on top of the daily price.

Your room is at 1500€/month for 1 person. It does mean the daily price is 50€/night, and 25€/night for an extra guest. If your guest is coming for 5 nights we will charge you +125€ on top of your monthly invoice.

What are the people staying at Palma coliving like?

  • Most of our guests at Palma coliving stay for an average of 6 weeks
  • They usually come alone but we do receive also couples & extra friends
  • The average age is 32 but we also receive older guests who fit perfectly into the Palma vibe and have an amazing time at ours!
  • They are working professionals such as digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs with adventurous souls, looking to connect and share with others!

NB: Palma Coliving is not a party place, but guests are overall very social and like to meet other digital nomads and locals. Everyone can be involved in leading some events in or outside Palma coliving, depending on your skills and your needs, if you are ready for it 🙂

What’s the internet like at Palma coliving?

Well of course we made sure that is the absolute best. We have optical fiber wifi and wifi extenders in all our properties, and we also have a second line for backup. So no worries.

What’s the weather like in Spain?

In Spain, winter temperatures during a sunny day vary around 18 degrees, and in summer from 24 to 33 degrees. The biggest difference is the cooler nights in the winter, where you need a good hoody at night.

For example, Mallorca Island has good weather year-round, with around 300 days of sunshine per year. Palma the capital also has been mentioned as “one of the Best Places to Live in the World”, according to the Sunday Times. It considers Palma de Mallorca like that because “it has everything”. The newspaper highlighted the “exceptional climate” and cultural weight of the old town of “one of the most picturesque Spanish” with beaches in urban surroundings.

Why Spain became the BEST location for digital nomads in the world?

  • It is home to some of the world's best food
  • It has a rich history, an approachable language, and 12 popular islands spread across the Canaries and Balearics.
  • It has an affordable cost of living
  • The weather is sunny most of the time. In winter temperatures, sunny days vary around 18 degrees, and in summer from 24 to 33 degrees. The biggest difference is the cooler nights in the winter, where you need a good hoody at night.
  • There is a vibrant culture and people are friendly
  • There is a digital nomad VISA allowing non-Europeans to stay up to 5 years
  • And way more but you need to discover it by yourself 😉

Yes, we love Spain: it has a lot to offer the digital nomad community and has paved the way for nomads to set up a base there.

Kitchen? Gym? Kids? Pets?

  • Is there a kitchen I can use?

Yes, there is at least 1 fully equipped kitchen in each location, shared by all guests. Usually, we have at least 1 extension to make it more comfortable and everyone has their dry area + fridge private space.

  • Is there a gym?

At Palma Coliving, we do provide the basic fitness tools for you to use in our gardens, terraces, or rooftops. We also provide shared yoga mats. If it's not enough for your weekly routine we can always suggest you good place that is fully equipped. Remember that we also include during your stay 3 sessions per week such as yoga/fitness or meditation and you are welcome to join them with our Happiness officer.

  • Can I bring children?

Because of the work environment, Palma coliving is not ideal for children. But, if you would like to visit us with children, please contact us so we can chat about the possibilities.

  • Can I bring pets?

To make sure we don’t bring any risks for allergies, we usually don’t allow pets at Palma coliving even if we love them. Nevertheless, we have designated some bedrooms per coliving that may suit best the pet lover and won't affect the other guests: requests upon availabilities! We accept small dogs according to availability.

What are my advantages once I joined the Palma family?

We offer many benefits during and after your stay once you're part of the Palma family.

Get the chance to access our exclusive advantages throughout the year,
and live unique experiences in amazing locations.

Some of the great benefits you will enjoy:

  • Special price for our current & upcoming locations, and booking priority, all year long!
  • Avant-premiere with a special invitation to discover one of our new locations!
  • Access to our Alumni Club to connect & support your journey!
  • Special online content: discover +2M top ebooks and audiobooks on a leading digital library!
  • Exclusive partner deals on-site: you’ll get special discounts (up to 20%!) with our local partners during your stay. Among them: yoga, boat trips, bike rental, food delivery, massage, Spanish classes & dance sessions!
  • Unique rewarding program: members immediately start earning credit toward future stays. Last but not least, the more you book with us, the higher reward you’ll get!

Why Palma coliving has been designated one of the best nomads coliving in 2022+2023?

We are very proud that Coliving Awards has selected us for two consecutive years as part of the top 5 best coliving in the world! This recognition, added to the large number of 5-star reviews, makes us happy and grateful. We have acquired a lot of experience in recent years and we work every day to maintain our quality and keep being considered one of the best coliving in the world.

Click here to schedule a quick call with our team to guide you in case you are still hesitating or have more questions & special requests!

Regardless of the place, you will always have an unforgettable experience

Did you know we have one Happiness Officer in each coliving? She will be your first contact to welcome you to your new Home! Together we co-create a memorable experience: our happiness officer is facilitating the weekly activities such as our community session, networking events, lunch & dinners, fitness sessions etc. She will be on-site to facilitate your stay, help you to integrate better, and more, to create your best experience at Palma coliving!

So let it flow: whether you choose to come to Mallorca, Valencia or Barcelona coliving, you will be in good hands with us and our community! If you don't know yet which location you are looking for, or if you have any doubts, simply schedule a 15-minute call so that we can walk you through the Palma experience. You will be able to know more about us and get an overview of each location! Just let it flow, we'll take care of the rest for you 🙂

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