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3 Reasons to Come to Palma Coliving in February or March


If you are looking for your next nomad experience, you need to consider Spain as a potential destination. This country is a great destination for digital nomads, the good weather, rich history, warm temperatures, lower cost of living, international population, delicious gastronomy, and the warmth of its people make it a unique and unmatched destination! Palma Coliving offers 3 different locations: Barcelona, Mallorca and Valencia. Depending on what your expectations are for your next trip, each city offers different things. What we can assure is that if you decide to come in February or March you will get to know a completely different Spain than what you are used to seeing. An amazing, fun Spain, you will get to know its locals, and its typical festivities, without any of the tourist noise that normally abounds during the summer. Here you have the 3 Reasons to Come to Palma Coliving in February or March:

1- Why come to Palma Coliving Barcelona during February or March?

Barcelona has a lot to offer throughout the year. From its beaches, its historic center, the incredible architectural movement “Catalan Modernism”, the works of Gaudi, its art, its culture, gastronomy, and much more. Everything we already know, right? But… there are some hidden gems in Barcelona that only locals can recommend…

Therefore, since we know every secret of this city, here we bring you the best plan that you are going to make in a long time. During February the carnival is celebrated, but the carnival is much bigger and more fun than you think. Very close to Barcelona is Sitges, a small town next to the beach. You just have to take a train and in less than half an hour you will be getting lost in its alleys and enjoying its beautiful beach. Sitges celebrate its carnival every single year, is a tradition and it’s the most amazing plan to do during winter. You can’t miss it!

The Sitges Carnival began to acquire fame and notoriety at the end of the 19th century, with the birth of the Societat Recreativa El Retiro founded in 1870 and the Casino Prado Suburense founded in 1877. Both entities were the engines of local social activity and rivalry. It was evident among them.

The partners of “El Retiro” used to be people harmed by industrialization and those of “El Prado” used to be those favored by it. This is how the rivalry arose between both entities, which made them both want to look better than their rival during the carnivals. The competitiveness between both associations meant that the waste of resources and creativity played in favor of the Carnival itself, which became one of the most spectacular of the time, achieving the fame that it still retains today since the quality bar has never been lowered. that in their day marked the first entities that participated.

Sitges has been celebrating its Carnival for more than 100 years, although during the civil war, its celebrations were rather anecdotal and during the Franco era, with the permissiveness of the local administration, it was celebrated in a more hidden way. 2021 will surely go down in Sitges history for being the year in which a pandemic temporarily transformed it into a virtual carnival, but even so, the Sitges carnival is always celebrated in style.

If you are thinking of coming to Barcelona soon, please do it in February. You can not miss out on Sitges carnival, is just one of those things you have to do once in your life! Check out Palma Coliving in Barcelona here.

2- Come to Palma Coliving Valencia during February and March: “Las Fallas” are here!

Let’s keep analyzing the 3 reasons to come to Palma Coliving in February or March. Okay, Barcelona offers a cool plan, but Valencia offers something even better!! If you haven’t heard of “Las Fallas” in Valencia… you have been living inside a shoebox. It’s just a joke! But really… if you don’t know what it is you should know them. “Las Fallas” are the most important festival not only in Valencia city, but in the entire Valencian community. This same celebration is celebrated in other provinces of Spain, acquiring different names and being celebrated at different times of the year (such as in Alicante, something similar called “Hogueras” is celebrated in the month of June, the day of the summer solstice). Therefore “Las Fallas” is a celebration that impacts Spanish culture throughout its territory and is well worth seeing.

“Las Fallas” are celebrated throughout the month of March, both in the city of Valencia and in the surrounding towns. However, during February the city begins to prepare, and they begin to build huge statues throughout the city. You will see statues that can match the height of buildings. And there aren’t just one or two… there are statues every 3 or 4 blocks!! The city is filled with colors, parties, parades, dinners, toasts, shouts, songs, and much more!

If you are thinking of coming to Valencia at any time: YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN MARCH. Don’t miss this opportunity, it is a unique moment in the year, otherwise, you will have to wait another 365 days to enjoy it.

We recommend staying throughout the month because as we mentioned there are many statues and parades to visit. But if you really want to have the full experience, arrive in the city in February. This way you will be able to witness the preparations, see the work of the local people, true artisans who build these incredible works of art with their own hands.

Have you ever witnessed a statue full of colors and details, 15 meters high, catch on fire, while a lot of people celebrate around it, culminating the moment with incredible fireworks behind? No, right? Well, that’s a clue of what you can expect if you come to Valencia for “Las Fallas”. Check out Palma Coliving in Valencia here.

3- A unique experience in Palma Coliving Mallorca during February & March

If what you are looking for is a slightly more relaxing plan, we also have a proposal for you. Palma de Mallorca offers a relaxed atmosphere, close to the beach and nature, with a large international community of digital nomads and a unique event that you won’t believe.

In itself, coming to Mallorca means relaxing and enjoying its incredible natural beauty. Just walking through its streets, getting lost in its small towns, or driving down the road makes you breathless, amazed by its abundant beauty. But, during February and March that goes to another level!

Do you know what happens in these two months? Almond blossoms bloom all over the island! This is a unique event that only happens once a year, and it is worth being on the island to experience it! Late January is usually the time when almond trees bloom on the island. It is then that the fields turn that pinkish white so characteristic of the almond trees in bloom, spread throughout Mallorca. A sensory experience that sharpens the senses of those who visit this phenomenon through one of the routes through the almond blossoms of Mallorca.

The cultivation of almond trees represents half of the area dedicated to fruit trees in Mallorca. For this reason, it is easy to come across the beautiful image of almond blossoms almost all over the island. From the car, they are a beautiful sight visible from many roads. The vast majority of getaways to the interior of the island will feature the presence of the almond blossom in the fields.

For this reason, the landscapes of the almond trees with the Serra de Tramuntana are unique every February. In Mallorca, almond trees are seen in Bunyola, Sóller, Sencelles, Inca, Llucmajor… There is really no predefined route to enjoy the natural spectacle that takes place every year. In each area, there is a nearby almond field where you can observe their flowering.

Imagine this: you come to work remotely from Mallorca. From Monday to Friday, you are productive at work, exercise, spend time outdoors, enjoy the sun, and meet interesting people. On the weekend you go out on the road to discover the island dyed in rose tones thanks to its almond trees. You take a gastronomic route through all the small towns of Mallorca, visit their vineyards, taste their wines… all this while contemplating the most incredible view of their pink almond trees in bloom. Sounds good right? Don’t miss the opportunity to come to Mallorca in February or March. We would love to host you! Check out Palma Coliving Mallorca here.

And with this last recommendation, we end this article. Whatever the goal of your next trip is, each city has something magical happening, some unique and unmatched plan that will take your Spanish experience to another level!

We hope you liked this article, and that you found it useful. We would love to welcome you to one of our colivings. Whether you come to Palma coliving in Barcelona, Valencia, or Mallorca, we will make sure you feel at home from day one. Apply for your stay here.

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