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Nomadic Routine To Stay Productive


If you are starting your way into a nomadic lifestyle you might know that to stay focused and productive you need to organize your day a certain way. Creating a routine doesn’t mean you need to end up living a boring life, you can mix it up to get the perfect balance between work and joy. At Palma Coliving we have lots of experience in the digital nomad’s lifestyle, the pros and cons and we may have one or two recommendations that could boost your nomadic experience. Want to know more?…

Spoiler alert: this routine is particularly good for the early birds, if you are part of the “night owls” team perhaps this would not work out for you, but we encourage you to try it out!

Longer mornings, equal more productive days

We believe that the morning hours have long been considered a time of increased productivity for several reasons, and that’s why our nomadic routine will encourage you to start and finish your workday earlier. After a good night’s sleep, our minds are generally clearer, more refreshed, and less cluttered with the distractions and demands of the day. As the day progresses, decision fatigue can set in, making it more challenging to resist distractions or make disciplined choices. Another important fact is the circadian rhythms: our bodies have natural internal clocks called circadian rhythms that regulate our sleep-wake cycles. For most individuals, these rhythms align with daylight, making us naturally more alert and energetic in the morning. Also, we will have fewer interruptions, in the early morning, there tend to be fewer external distractions, such as phone calls, meetings, or social commitments. This is why we encourage you to try out our Palma nomadic routine for 15 days and let us know what changes you noticed in your productivity and the quality of your work. Remember you can do more work in less time and have some extra spare time to enjoy for yourself!!

Our unbeatable nomadic routine


Is not as early as you think, you will get used to it very soon.

  • 7:20 AM EXERCISE

Here you can mix it up a little bit, you can do different things every day. Go for a run or a walk, do yoga, go to the gym, do SUP, indoor cycle, tennis…. whatever fits you the best! We recommend 45 minutes of workout and then having a 15-minute relaxing moment to stretch your body.


Take 10 minutes to do some journaling and write down your thoughts. You can write about a dream, feelings, or emotions you have been repressing, a thing you would like to accomplish during the day, or a “good actions” list you would like to carry out that day… If you never did this before, here are some tips that will help you get started!


Take 10 minutes to make a list of the things you need to get done that day (or week). Not only for work but for personal stuff as well (like going to get groceries or any chores you might need to get done).


After a good shower, there is nothing better than to start the day with a good healthy breakfast. There is no rush! You can start working at 9 am and have a good cup of coffee meanwhile.


Remember to take a few breaks during the day. Could be a 15 meditation podcast, a power nap, or going outside to enjoy the sun. Everything counts and recharges you with energy for the rest of the day.


We recommend having a lunch break in the middle of your workday, to cut the day in half. THIS IS A MUST: please don’t eat while you are working or at your desk. We know sometimes this can be hard, but is so worth it! Designate a special place to have lunch and enjoy, trying to focus on something else outside work. Have a call with friends or family, read a book, or watch something on TV.


It’s important to delimit boundaries during your workday. There will always going to be “something else to do” or something that didn’t get done. Don’t stress yourself, that’s just life!! Unless you have an emergency, we recommend you finish always on time around 17:00/18:00, depending on your job. These boundaries will prevent you from burning out and making you enjoy your job in the long term.


Since you already did some exercise in the morning we have the whole afternoon to feed our soul. Reading, connecting with friends or family, going to nature, listening to a podcast, working on a personal project, learning a new language, going to a museum, or cooking a meal with someone special. Everything counts! Here you have some Creative Ideas For Enjoying Your Time Off From Work When You Are A Digital Nomad.


This nomadic routine is designed to stay productive and you can get done the same amount of work in less time. This way you will have extra time to enjoy each city you visit and get to explore its culture, people, and places. You can adapt this routine to your own work environment and situation, but we highly recommend this:

  • Make sure to start your day feeling grateful and being in contact with nature. If you don’t want to work out or you don’t have a place to do it, no problem! Just go for a walk, it will help you start the day with a positive mindset.
  • Make sure you have 10-minute work breaks: power nap, meditation, stretching, a cup of té outside, or take your dog for a walk. It is proven that disconnecting from work for short periods of time helps to find more creative and faster solutions in your work.
  • Make sure to set some boundaries: don’t eat where you work, finish on time, stay productive when needed, and disconnect when is the right moment.


No screens, solo moments at night. We encourage you to challenge yourself and turn off all screens at least one hour before going to bed. We know this could be a difficult task these days… but if you can do it just for 2 or 3 times a week is a big step in the correct path! You will notice some tremendous changes right away regarding your humor and the quality of your sleep.

We hope you find these tips very helpful!! Remember is all about embracing small habits that you can maintain in the long term. Perhaps adopting this complete nomadic routine is too much for you right now. That’s okay, but maybe you can try out some of these tips a few days a week and see how it works.

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